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Lines & Billing

We provide the appropriate solution based on your requirements.

Accredited by Gamma Telecom for telephone and broadband services and Horizon hosted telephony
products. SIP Trunks and DDI’s (Direct dial numbers).

Accredited by BT for provision of ISDN2E, ISDN 30, PSTN lines, broadband – supply of Business Broadband services, FTTC, FTTP, Ethernet First Mile and Leased lines (EFM and Leased lines include a
service level agreement) – Billing products are available.

Accredited by Voiceflex for SIP trunks, DDI’s, Broadband services – EFM and Leased lines with service
level agreements.


  • ADSL Broadband is the entry level provision for businesses but is really only sufficient for very
    small companies as it is does not have a Service level agreement.
  • Leased lines are recommended for SIP Telephony for business because they offer a good level
    of reliability and provide much faster communications.
  • FTTC or Gamma Assured are suitable products for small companies and give you a good
    broadband service without a service level agreement.
  • FTTP services come with a Service level agreement and is superior to ADSL and FTTC and
    suitable for SIP Telephony.