Handsets use the same cabling structure as the Computer Network. These handsets may be on site or remote, for example on a home user’s desk, your mobile phone or a laptop working through your PABX, which can lead to a reduction in your telephone bills.

As well as the conventional ISDN/PSTN, there is internet telephony (SIP) available which will retire the older technology as well as offer true portability of your Company phone number out of the geographical area and potentially a reduction in billing.

IP Telephony

We offer the latest PABX’s to suit your requirement as well as upgrades to many existing systems. We supply and install GSM gateways, linking the PABX to the mobile phone network in order to replace your mobile phone costs.


  • SIP Telephony can save on telephone bill costs.
  • Remote home users can link directly to the office via an extension number and appear to be working in the office.
  • Small initial outlay for the PABX system and peripherals.
  • Leasing available to spread costs.